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Our Signature

Red Velvet Donut




From its initial moment as a simple piece of dough, the donuts here at our shop are on a mission to satisfy you and your family's tasty cravings... just the way you like it!

Hey, its a tough calling, but some donut has to do it. 

Our Trade Mark

Our Signature Red Velvet Cake donut is famous for satisfying even the most professional pallet! Kid's love it too!

The Donut Shop may be known for its fabulous Coffees, Smoothies, and Breakfast Sandwiches; but we are most famous for being "Home of the Red Velvet!" Crafted with a rich, red velvet cake batter, and slathered with our fresh cream cheese icing, this heavy hitter will keep you and your pals coming back for more!

No worries! We are currently working on a "Red Velvet Addicts Anonymous" group! We wil be meeting here at the shop every morning right around breakfast time! 

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